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Prospective students

Eligibility requirements


Children must be 3 years old by December 31st for the 3-year-old class and 4 years old by December 31st to register for the 4-year-old class.



Children must be on their way to being fully toilet trained to attend class. Our teachers cannot be responsible for changing pull-ups, or soiled clothing however we realize that accidents do sometimes happen and are equipped to help when needed.



Family members or caregivers of students are asked to volunteer in class on a regular basis. Volunteers will assist the teachers during formal class hours only (not before and after care). Siblings are not allowed to accompany their parents when they volunteer. The preschool has to follow these regulations as they are outlined by licensing.



It is important to remember that the children may get messy / dirty during play-times, so suitable attire is strongly recommended. Proper footwear is also required due to fire regulations and for the safety of the children. 

Eligibility requirements



Lakeview Community Preschool is licensed and subsidized by the Government of Alberta's Ministry of Children's Services.  We offer half-day programs for three- and four-year-olds (based on their age at the end of the calendar year). The amounts below reflect the discount afforded to families as a result of the recent affordability grants for licensed preschools in Alberta. Beginning September 2022, all families will have their fees invoices and processed automatically each month through our parent/student portal:

Three (3) year old class:                                                                                          $85 per month  

(over 9 month period)

$165 per month  (with extended care)


Four (4) year old class:                                                                                           $125 per month*

(over 9 month period)

$215 per month (with extended care)


*4 Year Old classes run until June, fees will be collected over 9 month period rather than 10 month period.

Automatic credit card charge will be processed the 1st each month (Oct-May)

Payment of Fees:

Once families have received confirmation they have successfully registered for the preschool program, they will be required to pay the deposit amount listed below. A link to the deposit processing page will be sent to families after confirmationn is received.


Deposit: 3 Year Old Preschool Fees

Administration Fee $120

LCA Membership $30

September’s Monthly Preschool Fee $85 

+$80 for extended care (optional)

Deposit: 4 Year Old Preschool Fees

Administration Fee $120

LCA Membership $30

September’s Monthly Preschool Fee $125 

+ $90 for extended care (optional)


Withdrawal/Cancelation Policy: After classes commence, at least one month’s written notice is required for any student withdrawals. This notice must be received prior to the start of the month.  Cancellations without this notice will forfeit one month of fees, which will be processed through credit card provided at time of registration. For example, if a student’s last day will be November 15, notice must be received on or before October 1. If notice is provided after this time, December fees will be forfeited. 


Cleaning Fee: Preschool families are required to complete one 30 minute shift for classroom cleaning. 4 Year old families are scheduled for January 2024 and 3 year old families are scheduled for June 2024. Failure to complete ones cleaning requirement will result in $100 charge applied to credit card preschool received at time of registration.



Registration is open for 2023/2024. Our online form is available below.

Please have all of your child's information available to make registration easier. Registration is a first-come-first-serve basis with priority given to those who live within the Jennie Elliot School catchment, but we welcome students from all neighbourhoods. Once you have submitted your registration, we will be in touch on availability and next steps.

To learn more about our program and to meet our teachers, we would be happy to arrange a classroom tour.

For more information or if you have questions, please reach out to us.

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